Loveland, Colorado                      Saturday May 5, 2018

Embassey Suites

Mesa, Arizona                                Saturday May 12, 2018
Mesa Convention Center Building B
Glendale, Arizona                          Saturday May 19, 2018
Glendale Civic Center

Spokane Valley, Washington        Saturday June 2, 2018
Mirabeau Hotel & Convention Center 

Las Vegas, Nevada                        Saturday August 11, 2018

Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino

Tucson, Arizona                              Saturday August 25, 2018

Sheraton Hotel

Upcoming Shows

Women's Health and Beauty Expo

The Women's Health and Beauty Expo is an event for women to come together, bond, be educated, be inspired and uplifted while still enjoying things women love to do. The Women's Health and Beauty Expo is the event designed for women of all ages. Whether it is for fashion, beauty, lifestyle or health, the Women's Health and Beauty Expo will bring together these resources in one place. The Women's Health and Beauty Expo offers women an event to attend, celebrate, splurge, and embrace Womanhood.The expo will feature exhibits featuring products and services.  Admission and Parking are complimentary.


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