Topic:  Uplifting the Girl's

Margo is the owner of The Bra Spa, a bra boutique located in Tucson, AZ.  She is a certified fitter, having trained for over a year under Lisa Cole of Uplifting the GIrl's and also completed the Fab Fit Academy Certification Program.  She also attended various brand sponsored programs that ensures she know the fit specifications for each brand that she carries.  Margo has successfully fit thousands of ladies and helped them realize what a proper fitting bra looks and feels like.  Margo will be presenting on bra fitting - the techniques and tips ladies can use to assure that they are wearing the correct bra.  She will also discuss bra styles and why different styles work for various body types.  

Topic:  Real Hair Care

MONAT is the only anti-aging hair care product available in North America. All products are manufactured in the United States and distributed from our facility in Florida.  MONAT reverses damage, cleanses the hair and scalp and promotes healthy hair growth.  All MONAT products are natural-based made from rich botanical oils, and are vegan and gluten free.  We have products for all hair types, including a line for children.


This seminar will involve a discussion of Awareness of the environment and surroundings as it pertains to both perceived and actual threats to ones safety.  Ann will discuss a variety of means to respond to these threats that would include such things as leaving the immediate area, calling for assistance as necessary, and employing personal defensive items such as pepper spray and tasers should the threat escalate to that point.

Ann’s credential are as follows…
Certified NRA Firearms Instructor and NRA CRSO (Chief Range Safety Officer)
Certified NROI (National Range Officer Institute) as CRO (Chief Range Officer)
Glock Corporation Match Range Officer
Competitive Shooter
                USPSA (U.S. Practical Shooting Association)
                NRA Action Pistol
                Glock Sanctioned Matches
                IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association)

Ann has years of experience in teaching personal defensive courses and the practical application of less lethal means of defense.
Ann is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to communicate with students in a clear and concise manner while maintaining open communication with her students.

Topic: Life Well Celebrated

There are as many ways to celebrate a person’s life as there are stars in the sky. So how do you create a fitting tribute?
Like snowflakes, no two of us are alike. Which is why your Dignity Memorial Providers encourage designing a memorial that is uniquely you.Our professionals excel at managing even the smallest detail so that your memorial planning experience is simple and seamless. We have a network of associates and resources that reach far and wide. All to ensure that your singular vision will be thoughtfully and expertly brought into focus.

Topic: Experience Essential Oils

Come experience the most popular essential oils and learn about the many health benefits they offer!  Learn about doTERA's superior quality standards and how they partner with and give back to sourcing communities all around the world. We'll discuss safe useage  methods along with how and why the oils offer amazing natural support for a healthy lifestyle.  Come with questions so we can help you find solutions to your specific needs.

Topic: Compulsive Food Behaviors

Do you or someone you know have a problem with food or other compulsive food behaviors? Come and hear Joy V share her story of food addiction and recovery. She has been a member of Overeaters Anonymous for 8 years, has lost 100 lbs and kept it off for 5 1/2 years. OA is a 12 a Twelve Step program similar to Alcoholic Anonymous which offers physical, emotional and spiritual recovery for those who suffer from compulsive behaviors around food. The program began in 1965 and since that time, has grown to 65,000 meetings in 75 countries and gladly welcomes anyone who wishes to stop their compulsive eating behaviors


10:00 A.M.   Bra Fitting Seminar
Margo Hall, Owner of The Bra Spa

10:45 A.M.   Monat
Wendy Bond


11:30 A.M.

Ann Huntington

Diamondback Shooting Sports

12:15 P.M.
Terrence Higgs
Dignity Memorial

1:00 P.M.
Laura Smith

1:45 P.M.

Janet Gen

Over Eaters Annonymous

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