​       LOVELAND      LAS VEGAS       MESA     SPOKANE      TUCSON     GLENDALE            602-625-3000        

Booth Options                                                              
Information Table                                                           $275.00
10 x 8  Booth                                                                 $340.00
20 x 8  Booth                                                                 $640.00

Pipe/Draped Backdrop (optional)                                    65.00                                                

Corner Booth Location (optional)                                    $50.00

Electric Outlet               (optional)                                    $75.00

Company Listing on Facebook Announcements         No Charge
Direct E-Mail Announcements                                     No Charge

Seminar                                                                      No Charge

Wi-Fi                                                      Order Direct from Venue

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Event vendors/exhibitors, shall adhere to high ethical and business standards consistent with the promotion of the event.

Event vendors/exhibitors, shall provide all customers with a receipt including a refund and/or exchange policy.

Contracts pertaining to the shows must be adhered to by vendors/exhibitors without exception..

Event vendors/exhibitors are expected to maintain high ethical standards pursuant to exhibit appearance and business practices.

All merchandise exhibited at the Women's Health and Beauty Expo must be honestly represented by those offering it for sale.

Event vendors/exhibitors are expected to promote the collective interests of the show on their social media accounts ie. Facebook, Twitter etc.

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